May Newsletter - Kickstarter Progress

May 03, 2021

Kickstarter Progress

Since the last newsletter we have launched our Kickstarter! Currently as of writing it sits at 58%! We are quite happy with the support that has been shown towards our game and we are excited to see the results of the Kickstarter come the 13th.

We’ve been putting out a handful of updates to the KS page including revealing a new Mythren, Psyguin!


Also, due to how busy the Kickstarter has kept us, along with new updates currently being done to the overworlds, we had to put in a raincheck for the Wild Isle Focused Newsletter till we’ve finished these updates. These updates will bring an overall better performance and feel to the overworld, and due to the extra time spent, we will be able to share a few extra cool things as well!


The launch of the Kickstarter has left many of us exhausted, so we’ve spent this month recovering and tackling smaller scale things while we support the Kickstarter as it runs.

  • Zane has been maintaining the Kickstarter along with Jon and making sure any questions asked get answered as quickly as possible. He’s also prepared new line work for the Arcane Graccoon promo art to be used in the current community challenge. He’s also streamed some early work on Ferrlit’s model, which was chosen by you, the community, in Discord!

  • Outside of helping Zane maintain the Kickstarter, Jon has been working on adding the final touches to the vertical slice. Some changes include connecting all the levels together, fixing any bugs we have noted, and adding any further functionality needed for a better game feel, both in the combat system and out of it.

  • Micah put together the final edit for the Kickstarter trailer and did a great job adding that extra polish with audio effects. He also has been doing some more minor updates to the website and updated the Mythren bio section to include longer bios written by Javon. He also added a new video header and press kit for the website!

  • Drake has been working on 2 art pieces for Scowl. One is concept art and the other is promo art of scowl in their enraged state. While in combat, a scowl can enter this state causing them to light aflame. Be sure to not get on their bad side while they’re in this state, as these blue flames are hotter and more deadly than their normal red flames.


  • Javon has been helping Drake with sketching out concepts for how NPCs, Kai, clothing of each culture, and emblems will look, while also continuing on writing and fleshing out the story and world.

  • Aidan has been further working on tweaking the movement system and squashing any bugs.


  • Our second Community challenge has begun! Go to the #community-challenges channel in the Discord and download the files so you can color and submit your own Arcane Graccoon Chroma!

ArcGrac Chroma

  • Zane and Jon joined Gym Leader Ed once again on his podcast! Also, he made a video covering the KS page and explaining every Mythren up to Grimmtail!

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next month on the 1st of June if not though our Kickstarter updates!