December 2021 Newsletter

December 01, 2021


  • Zane has spent time updating the pitch deck to better visually present information and worked with Jon and Micah to update the wording for it. He’s also started work on blocking out the sections you visit in the city of Cochant! Additionally, he has been working on putting together our first Devlog that will dive deeper into the Wild Isle and how they fit into the game.


  • Jon has continued to fix difficult bugs while starting to implement tweaks and changes to the current combat system to create a better feel in the first playable demo. He also has been working on the large battle system update which includes adding custom state machines using Unity Playables rather than Unity Animation Controllers. This basically means quite a bit of manual work to set up animations outside of the normal systems, but all of this is to help set up for smooth online 1v1 battles.

  • Aidan has worked out a plan and started to rework the movement system. This is one of our older scripts in the game, so this has been a much-needed restructuring and reorganization to be easier to work with as we continue working on the project for both designers and programmers.

  • Drake has solidified the unannounced Mythren’s design and has started to focus on a proposal to update the combat system and has given Graccoon an updated moveset to fit the combat system rework. Here’s a glimpse into what he’s been working on.


  • Micah has implemented the Darkren alert sound effects and wrote a system that ensures that too many Darkren alert noises don’t play at the same time. He also worked on two more general-purpose sound effect scripts as well. Also, he’s been working on an idle chirp noise that Darkren will randomly make while in the overworld.

  • Javon has finished writing the dialog for the First Playable and has moved on to working with Zane to help him create the first month of the game including the places you visit for the beginning story beats.

  • Hallie has been working on integrating some project management tools together to ensure a smooth working process for all of our developers. She’s also started preliminary work to establish better timelines for large project goals.


We hope you all have a great holiday season and have a good time with your families either virtually or physically! We’ll see you next year with our normal newsletter on the 5th of January and then later in the month on the 22nd for our first Dev Log, which will focus on the Wild Isle and how it fits into the game as a whole.