February Newsletter - What is Mythren?

February 01, 2021

So Just What is Mythren?

This month will be focused on consolidating what has been talked about regarding Mythren so far. In order to help clear up any confusion concerning the gameplay loop and outline what to expect out of Mythren, this will be a rather chonky post!

This week we will delve into the 3 pillars that make Mythren, Mythren!

Day to Day

Mythren takes place over the course of many months following Kaiya/Kai as they unexpectedly become a tamer, and try to find a place that they feel like they can call home.

  • You will live each day as a Mythren tamer, working to keep your status as a trainer by training and growing the bonds between you and your mythren so you can be successful in the tournaments that you're required to compete in.
  • Every day, you get to decide how to raise your Mythren and grow as a tamer! Do you train? Grow your bonds? Work on yourself as a tamer and increase your social stats? Visit the Wild Isles to gather resources, increase levels, and find items? Everyone who plays will be able to make their own unique path forward.
  • Each of these activities will consume an activity point, and after you consume all your activity points for the daytime, time will transition from day to night, providing various other activities to do, with replenished activity points for the evening.
  • However, visits to the Wild Isle will require all your activity points for the whole day, thus not allowing you to participate in any day or night activities/training for that day.
  • There are various training mini-games you can play to raise the stats of your mythren. Each of the 5 stats has its respective mini-games. Each time you level up your mythren you will gain Stat Points(SP). These stat points are used at the end of each training minigame to upgrade your mythren. (For example, attack training uses 5 SP, gaining your mythren 5 Attack). Once you are out of stat points, you must either level your mythren up further or, in mid-late game, acquire an item that lets you reset your stats back to zero (refunding the SP you already have invested).
  • There will also be plenty of social activities on your home island and in the city, which you can participate in with your mythren to help raise their pact level! Pacts are the social contracts you form with mythren when you befriend one for the first time. Every few pact levels will result in a pact conversation where you can further strengthen your pact and learn more about their personal troubles.

The Wild Isle

  • For the cost of all your activity points, you can visit the Wild Isle! Here you can do many things that make that large cost worth it. You will be able to fight trainers and Darkren to level up your mythren and gain SP.
  • The Wild Isle is littered with resources that you can collect. Bring them back to your home island to craft items, upgrade training objects, or upgrade your home.
  • While each of the zones of the Wild Isle are handcrafted levels, most resources and battle encounters are randomly generated.
  • Some of these spawns are also dependent on what day it is in the week. More Darkren might spawn on certain days while a resource might be more abundant on another.
  • The Wild Isle has a rather close connection to Flow(magic energy) and thus Darkren are attracted to this island. Flow also causes a phenomenon where resources regenerate at a much faster pace than anywhere else on Morai.
  • Yet another important thing you can do here is form pacts with new mythren. This is done by collecting their emblem pieces and fulfilling any other request they might have. Note that forming a new pact with a mythren will leave you tired, so you will return home after the pact has been formed to rest up.


  • Cochant is the main city of Morai and you will be visiting here quite often to make various purchases, participate in tournaments, and interact with the cultures of the city along with your Mythren.
  • Mythren tournaments are Cochant’s main form of entertainment! While entertaining, tournaments also serve a more utilitarian purpose: to test and rank Mythren tamers. Doing well in the tournaments will secure your place as an official tamer till the next major tournament.
  • There are many activities and events that happen in this lively city. Participating in them will surely strengthen your bond with the mythren you bring along, and also grow your Social Stats.


We’ll keep this brief given the load of info given above.

  • Zane has nearly finished the full Rad Lad rig
  • Jon has been implementing Rad Lad combat with a proxy rig. This Mythren required a few unique features that allowed us to upgrade the combat system!
  • Mejonat has been updating old tracks with a new sax, along with a new combat theme for zone 1!
  • Nana has been working on type icons for the 6 mythren types
  • Drake has been working on Rad Lad Combat design and a new Mythren design whose code name is Fire Noodle.
  • Aidan has been doing some QA on our tutorial area as we approach having it finalized.


  • On Twitter, we recently showed off the large mythren known as Swonkle. This Mythren is a brawler, and uses mud in combat to deliver heavy blows!

Meet Swonkle

  • We wanted to highlight some of the awesome fan art that was shared in our discord by community member BottledDucky!

Scowl by Ducky

  • We will be holding another Q and A in our Discord server! We look forward to answering your questions on the 12th of February at 4 pm PST/5 pm MST/6 pm CST/7 pm EST.

Also, Ova Magica has started their Kickstarter this month! If farming is your jam then you should definitely support this awesome game about monster taming, farming, and blobs!

Thanks for reading and see you next month on March 1st with some rad content to discuss!