February 2023 Newsletter

February 07, 2023

Combat Alpha Updates

The team is currently doing playtesting of combat in our new system to hunt down any new pesky bugs as we implement more fighters/moves. We’ve had some rotation issues due to pesky bugs in our custom logic for objects in 3D space in our rollback system. Hunting down the exact issue was time-consuming, but most of them save for one small issue with hitboxes have been corrected!


Minigame Prototypes

As systems are moving out of the prototype stages, the project definitely needed some reorganization. There was a considerable effort spent reorganizing the project structure that should help smooth development along. The focus this past month has been finishing up the new Attack Training prototype and starting work on the Defense training minigame that was displayed during the Bi-Weekly Updates. Next up the focus will be working through the Health Training Mini Game.


New Map System and Final Movement System Cleanup

Aidan has fixed the gliding glitches we have been having in the game, as well as working through the bugs that occurred while jumping. We are excited to say that all of the updates have been completed at this time! He also has begun implementing a new Map System that we’re currently using to reduce the number of assets that our small team has to make. The goal will be to have a large 2D map for the central city and have each area have icons you can select with options on interactions within that area of the town.


Javon has finished working on the Cultural Documents for the other three cultures - Yuuk’e Tahn, Otouya, and Pravance. They are in their final review stages but currently are in a great spot to move forward with content.

Hallie finished up the rough designs for Castle Rock and has been working on the concept designs for the mini-games in the training grounds.

2D Portrait Creation

Drake has wrapped up working on Kaiya's Rough Portraits and has begun working on Gracoon’s Rough Designs for Dialog Portraits



LumenTale: Memories of Trey

LumenTale: Memories of Trey is a Monster Collector RPG set in the wonderful land of Talea. Trey, who has mysteriously lost his memories, decides to set on a journey after a particular event. His only guiding light will be a mysterious desire... but will that be true? Although their kickstarter may be over, you can check out their game demo on STEAM!