March 2022 Newsletter

March 01, 2022


  • This month’s main focus has been on improving visuals/audio, and working on characters for our updated battle system.


  • Jon has been updating the environment models within the first area of the vertical slice based on the previous feedback of our build. Our terrain shaders have been updated to better fit our visual style, as well as adding back in vegetation and updating our water visuals. Darkren have also been added into the combat system and are being tweaked to make sure they feel interesting to fight. In addition, he has been working on fixing bugs within the Battle System Update in regards to creating new fighters.

  • Drake has begun working on the updated version of Graccoon for our Battle System Rework. Currently, he is implementing Attack States to test out the new system.

  • Ice has implemented the sound effects for petting Mythren and has been researching different options of keeping track of player statistics to help inform game design decisions and combat balancing. In addition, he has been upgrading the website to ensure uploading information is able to be optimized for time efficiency.

  • Rob is working on Raddapus’ jab sequence to create the new animations required for his updated attacks.

  • Javon is finalizing the second of the four cultures in Morai Worldbuilding document, which will help fully develop the world to immerse players within the game.


Pry Into the Void Kickstarter

For Monster Tamer Lovers, check out Pry Into the Void. “Inspired by games such as Shin Megami Tensei, Off, Yume Nikki, Omori, and other surreal horror RPGs. With monster-taming, monster-sacrificing and engaging turn-based combat.” They’ve got some cool-looking designs and are looking to meet some of their stretch goals including extra difficulties and an extra hidden ending!

See you next month on the 1st!