November Newsletter - Arcane Graccoon

November 02, 2020

Second Time's the Charm

Welcome to our second ever newsletter! This past month we’ve been working hard on the vertical slice and a spooktacular mythren.


In Mythren, Evolution is tied to your bond with your mythren and evolution comes in two variants, Elemental Evolution and Awakened Evolution. Every Mythren Species can evolve after you progress far enough with their social link. Two of these evolutions will be Elemental, with the Awakened Evolution needing more work to get. For example the Earth Type Graccoon becomes Earth/Arcane for one of his Elemental Evolutions.

Arcane Graccoon

The Vertical Slice (again)

The vertical slice has been making great progress and is more or less done functionally. All is left is the tutorial level, home island, and Wild Isle zone 1 to all be linked up along with a few training mini games.

  • Zane revisited the tutorial level and spruced it up visually and set up its darkren encounters on the spawn system. He also has been working on laying out the general layout of the region of Morai, where Cochant, the home island, and Wild Isle exist. The tutorial will eventually be connected to the rest of the Wild Isle level and thus planning this out helps to make sure you don't see Cochant from all sides of the Wild Isle. Note nothing is really final on this very rough map!

Zone 2

  • Aidan has finished working on the speed and defense training mini games and has started work on the intelligence mini game.

  • Jon has been integrating the training mini games up to their respective training objects. He has also finished up the rewards screen with displaying the correct rewards and any new moves and skills.

  • Javon has been working on writing out the events that take place on week one of the game. This is a very crucial portion of the game given this is when you meet your first mythren and the events that make become Kaiya a Mythren Tamer are set into motion.

  • Carter has been working on implementing the functionality of environmental interactions. We achieve this by having nodes across the Wild Isle you can interact with and if you have the correct type of mythren in your party then it will perform the interaction, granting you access to previously inaccessible locations on the Wild Isle. Choose wisely which mythren you have in your party before departing for the Wild Isle!

  • Mejonat has been creating a new musical track to accompany battles in Zone 1 of the Wild Isle, as well as the victory and defeat music for battles. Also, he finished the current version of the Zone 1 Overworld theme. Here is a taste of what that sounds like!


  • Much like last month we shared concept art of Keroair this month we showed off the concept art process for Scowl which started with sketches from Zane and then was adapted by our concept artist Drake.

Scowl Concept Art

  • Gym Leader Ed announced he will be having Zane and Jon as guests on his podcast this week! If you have any questions you might want to ask us, make sure ask them in #questions-for-mythren-dev in Ed's Discord server before the 4th!

Thanks for reading, and see you next time on December 1st!