Meet Kai!

August 02, 2021


  • Zane has finished updating the level design of the tutorial level and will be wrapping up the section of Zone 1 you play though in the VS(Vertical Slice) build.
    • We are looking to give the player more of a taste of the platforming elements found in the overworld in this section of the vs build. We removed a lot of the fluff that was added in the level during the KS marketing stage of development and have returned it to a more barebones greybox level to help aid in the focus towards updating the feel of this level.
    • Also we wanted to note that the environments seen in the KS trailer and page were more of a proof of concept; we aim to bring a higher quality in our environment art once we can bring an environment concept artist and a 3d environment artist on the team.

Greybox Tutorial

  • Jon has been working with Corey on refactoring our combat system to prepare it for netcode. This includes writing a custom physics system separate from unity’s to have deterministic physics. This new setup will be key for netcode. Corey has been working on integrating Epic Online Services to setup lobby systems. Our current goal is to aim for cross platform networking, which is why we chose EOS for our networking integration.
    • The gif below shows collision tests with our custom raycasting system and boxes/spheres. We also have a custom capsule collision setup so we have everything we need to get started!

gif of custom collisions/ lobby setup

  • Aidan has been working on updating swimming to have a stamina meter, updates to the crafting system camera and setting up gliding for mythen capable of flight.
  • Javon has been working on further fleshing out the story and has a good grasp of the first half of the narrative.
  • Jeremiah has been further working on the ui design along with helping Jon brainstorm ways to make our training mini games feel more interactive and entertaining.

UI Updates

  • Drake has finished up Kai’s concept art! Given they are both effectively the same character we choose a design that both retains the design elements seen in Kaiya while also giving him his own vibe to set him apart!



Abomi Nation has been fully released on Steam! If you like rouge-likes and monster taming, definitely give it a try!

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next month on the 1st of September.