September 2023 Newsletter

September 11, 2023

Newsletter Delay

  • Jon: Sorry about the delay on this newsletter! Between moving cities and picking up some slack on the project it took longer to get out than anticipated. This shouldn’t be the norm moving forward, and I appreciate you bearing with me.

Physical Rewards

  • Our current focus is heavily on combat alpha and project restructure (The mythren project is in need of some clean up!). We will refocus on the physical rewards once the alpha is out!


  • Here is a tiny sneak peek of Keroair in the alpha! Keroair’s movement works a bit differently from other mythren, rather than having a continuous movespeed, he has a small delay between each of his movements as he hops around. He has tools in his kit to help deal with some of the challenges that may provide, and we will definitely pay close attention to how this feels to play during the alpha.

Please keep in mind that keroair is still very much a work in progress.



  • For the combat alpha we’re aiming to have three Mythren : Graccoon, Raddapus, and Keroair. The implementation of the combat design for each mythren takes quite a bit of work, and we think this number will let us focus on making each one of them unique and fun to play.


  • We will be having small playtests to help test our systems as we get the designs fully fleshed out in engine. We will reach out to a few of you for these playtests as we organize them!

  • We’ve realized that everyone’s schedules change (sometimes drastically) over the course of the year, and we’ve restructured how we’re tackling milestones to make sure that we’re able to complete things in a timely fashion. While this may seem small, it should help you all see more consistent updates!

  • Javon and Hallie have been working hard at fleshing out our designs for the home island. We’ve had a barebones version of the map built, but with all of the narrative work that Javon has put in and Hallie’s artistry we should see a nice update to the place you’ll call home for your adventure!

  • Aidan has been hard at work on our Map UI and getting hangout spaces working for different conversation pieces. There have been a few bumps in being able to get the conversations to flow smoothly, but they have been addressed. Aidan is currently heavily focusing on the project clean up, which should help us with development moving forward.

  • Drake has been working on implementation and design for the mythren in the combat alpha. With Keroair recently put in engine, he’ll be focusing a lot of effort on making sure his design feels good to play. Also he’ll be exploring some simplified designs for Kaiya so we can explore speeding up our art pipeline.

We’ll end this with a video of what Graccoon looks like with raddapus’ run animation!



Monster Taming Direct

  • Last week Gym Leader Ed ran a monster taming direct, and while we weren’t able to participate this time around, you should definitely check out the full direct if you’re a fan of monster taming games.