Mythren - Press Kit

April 14, 2021


Developer: Small Leaf Studios

Location: Toledo, Ohio

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Platforms: PC

Release dates: TBA

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Social: Kickstarter, Twitter


Mythren is an Action RPG in which you live each day deciding how to raise your Mythren and grow as a tamer! Do you want to train? Grow your bonds? Work on yourself as a tamer? The game takes place over the course of several months, following Kaiya/Kai as they unexpectedly become a tamer and go on an adventure looking for a place they can call home.


Real-time Combat: No more taking turns! In Mythren, you get to control your Mythren’s action in arena brawler-style combat.

Unique Narrative: On your journey as a Mythren tamer, you will explore the different cultures of Cochant and of the Mythren, and learn what it means to find your own cultural identity.

Local and Online Battles: You can bring your teams from your single-player campaign into your multiplayer battles!

Many Choices: Do you want to train? Grow your bonds? Increase your social stats? Visit the Wild Isles to gather resources, increase levels, and find items?

Explore Large Islands: Explore the Wild Isles, where you can meet other Mythren tamers, fight new enemies, collect resources to upgrade your home island, and discover the history of the world of Mythren.





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